Hi! Thanks for coming to my site. My name is Chris Suharlim, and I teach Sassy Hiphop dance classes. Its a high-energy dance class with a sassy-sexy attitude. I often use top-40 pop or k-pop songs. Half the time I'd use my choreography, and the other half, I'd do a tribute to existing choreographies from dancers that I look up to. 

I started going to hiphop dance classes in 2007. At the time, I was in medical school, and dancing was my 'drug'. It helps me, for the duration of the class, to 'forget' about the stresses at school and in life and just focus on the movement. The classes that I took were mostly from aerobic classes at the Celebrity Fitness Jakarta. Under the guidance of the award-winning dancer and choreographer Aman Suhe, I was part of the original U2D (United to Dance) dance group that performed for events and competitions throughout Jakarta. 

My first experience teaching dance was when Aman trained me to lead extra breakdown sessions after-class. This experience provided me with the understanding of the anatomy of a choreography. I started my first 'seduce' class when I practiced medicine in a rural area of Panguragan in 2011. There were no dance classes around, so I had to start mine, and I've been teaching dance classes ever since.

"Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes," my style is hugely influenced by the giants that stand before me. In addition to Aman, I seek inspiration from the fantastic works by Yanis Marshall (France), Erick Limans (Indonesia), Kevin Shin (China), Marc Devon Rey (Philippines), and Fredy Kosman (Singapore).  



U2D (United 2 Dance) crew in a performance at La Piazza Jakarta, 2011.

U2D (United 2 Dance) crew in a performance at La Piazza Jakarta, 2011.

As an original member of the U2D dance group in Jakarta, Indonesia, we performed at events and competitions. I have been a dance instructor since 2010. I led informal breakdown detail sessions at Celebrity Fitness Central Park Jakarta (2010-2011), independently performed as dance instructor at VIP gym and d'Gym fitness center Cirebon (2011-2012), instructed Sassy Hiphop dance classes at the Harvard Vanderbilt Gym for the Harvard SPH Student Dance Club (2013-2015), and currently a faculty member teaching Sassy Hiphop at The Dance Complex in Cambridge MA since 2014.

In addition to the positions that I took, I was offered a teaching position at Jeanette Neill Dance Studio in Boston MA in 2016. I have also choreographed for performances, competitions, flash mobs and music videos.  In 2017, my work teaching Sassy Hiphop as a faculty member at The Dance Complex in Cambridge MA led to receiving the "Boston's Best Hiphop Class" award by the Improper Bostonian Magazine

A documentary by Manukyan & Yang (2017) explored my distinct exposure to movement and dance, and my process in developing a dance choreography. Similarly, Dance Complex developed a faculty profile video that describes my Sassy Hiphop class: teaching style and class expectations. 

... the hip-hop offerings are an especially fun way to work up a sweat. Instructor Chris Suharlim combines upbeat tracks with seductive moves during his Sassy Hip-Hop workshop, ...
— Improper Bostonian, 2017



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Team members

Past team members: Xi Chen (Teaching Assistant)